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Student Feedback & Results

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Get an Employers Attention

I am now able to quickly and concisely represent myself to potential employers. I learned how to identify what’s important to focus on, and definitely discovered lots of great tips I never thought about. Great guidelines, I’m looking forward to my future.

Resume Building

I really appreciate all the guidance our instructor Brian offered, very insightful into resume writing and job submitting. I learned a lot of tips on how to standout. These new skills will allow me to move forward in my career and be successful now and in the future.

Highlight my Military Experience

Definitely very insightful and useful information. Showed me how to capture and highlight my military experience and restructure my resume. We now live in an online environment and this taught me how to tailor my information to succeed in the modern job market.

Impressive & Insightful

I learned how to effectively represent my years of professional experience and move past encapsulating myself in somebody else's box. Having the qualifications means nothing if you are unable to get the attention of the hiring manager.