Advanced Coursework in

Resume Writing & Job Search Course

This advanced course teaches you the entire resume writing format and job search methods used by today’s highly successful career professionals.

You will learn in-depth techniques in resume’ fundamentals, writing your introductory and employment summary, how to categorize your information, adding to your professional experience, correctly presenting your education, certifications, and your job skills. Formatting and optimization techniques, job search strategies, and much more…

6 Weeks / 24 Course Hrs

Starting May 15, 2018

Online Instructor Led

Course ID Session Start Date End Date Days Registration
RAPro-001 001 05/15/2018 06/21/2018 T / Th Open

Resume Writing & Job Search Overview

Teaching Method

• Online interactive lessons & recordings, webinars & videos

• Each class becomes available on the day/week per the course schedule

• If you miss a class, you can always view the recordings later

• Weekly assignments, homework, quizzes, and student online classroom interaction is required

Course Materials

• Course workbook, digital version. Resume Advantage Pro. 2nd Edition

• Downloadable supplemental course materials

• Chapter checklist to track your progress

Course Details

• 6 weeks in duration

• 2 classes per week

• 24+ course hours

• Q&A review classes

• Online instructor led course

Resume Writing & Job Search Topics

Learning how to show an employer your qualifications and skills is essential to building a successful career.  You will learn how to avoid critical resume writing mistakes, how to influence and take advantage of the entire hiring process, and how to identify what employers are looking for on your resume.  Then, learn about the 3 specific components of the complete resume format.

You’ll discover your unique career focus to customize your personalized resume using an interactive exercise.  Then you will learn step-by-step how to write your summary of qualifications for all career levels.  How to format your primary statement and secondary sentences.  How to maximize your professional image and show employers you have the skills they are looking for.  Discover how to combine different career experience and skills into one concise statement.  And uncover common resume myths.

Develop an understanding of strategies on how to optimize your resume, the importance of digital optimization, structure, and language; and how to avoid penalties and misuse of optimization techniques.  Then, gather your career information, experience, education, skills, and achievements using specific documents and criteria.

Learn how to accurately format your professional career experience.  Discuss various special cases such as, having too much experience and how to split long-term experience, and how to add to your experience with no work history by using a three-step validation test.

Question & answer session and review of chapters 1 to 11.  Prior homework assignments, quizzes, and classroom forum postings will be discussed.

Discover what valid additional resume information can and should be added and where to properly locate your awards, achievements, licenses, and specific projects.  Learn how to display your formal degrees, certifications, coursework, and continuing education.

You will learn how to visually construct your resume for maximum visual appeal, and how to structure and prioritize your information.  Resume examples and visual presentation strategies will be discussed.

In this class you will be taken through a specific personality exercise to uncover and define specific personal qualities and traits, which will be used to further the foundational language used within your documents.

Question & answer session and review of chapters 1 to 11.  Prior homework assignments, quizzes, and classroom forum postings will be discussed.

Uncover specific formatting techniques for submitting your documents online while avoiding common formatting errors and pitfalls.  Word processing software for Windows, Mac, and Google Docs will be examined.

Action plans will be developed for immediate employment and career growth.  Methods on how to professionally market yourself using your resume as a tool, and techniques to speed up your online job search and submitting will be presented.

Career documents in support of your resume will be presented, to include the cover letter, letters of recommendation, and email communication formatting.  In addition, 2 resume rewrite examples will be presented, before-and-after results to demonstrate what you have learned.

Online Course Instructor

Brian Hirth

Brian Hirth built a distinguished professional career spanning over 27 years in Electrical Engineering, Electronics, and Business Management for many of the top companies and government agencies in the United States. Since 2007, he has been exclusively providing independent engineering consulting and subject matter expertise for Fortune 500 Companies and the U.S. Pentagon.

Born and raised in New Jersey, he earned his Bachelors of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology from the Oregon Institute of Technology. He attended the University of Phoenix Campuses in San Jose California and Wichita Kansas, and earned his Masters’ in Business Administration – Technology Management. In addition, Hirth joined the Army National Guard, was the recipient of the Arizona Meritorious Service Medal, and graduated from Officer Candidate School; receiving an Army Officers Commission as a Battalion Communications and Electronics Officer.

He has been an engineering college instructor, a career strategies, and mentor to many clients, colleagues, and college graduates. As a recognized leader, he actively contributes his time and expertise in supporting charitable organizations and highly respected professionals to include Tony Robbins.

Resume Writing & Job Search Frequently Asked Questions

Getting the attention of an employer is the most demanding first-step in your job search… your resume may be your only chance! This advanced course in resume writing will teach you how to effectively communicate your skills and qualifications, how to optimize your resume, and so much more… Our concept is simple, to teach the in-and-out’s of resume writing and career marketing strategies so you can apply them year after year to gain the competitive edge.

No, this is not resume software that only formats the information you enter.  There is no software that can replace you! Your skills, your experience, and your education.  Our method is to teach you the advanced resume writing strategies during this advanced resume wiring course, taught over 6 weeks of instructor led online classes.

At the Career Advantage Academy, we focus on teaching you the strategies and methods to write, rewrite, and update your resume information throughout your professional career. We show you how to build each resume section, how to summarize your information, expand your experience, and provide you with tips and techniques that can get you the results you deserve.

Many resume services focus their efforts on grammar and writing your resume for you. However, there are many mistakes in using this approach! If you fail to provide the writing service with all of your career information, those important career accomplishments can be left out, which may reduce your chances for that next job offer. And what about next year! Do you really want to keep paying someone to update your resume, each and every time it changes?

This course is a comprehensive interactive program focused specifically on resume writing and pre-interview career marketing techniques, which is necessary prior to a telephone prescreen and face-to-face interview. Many of the skills taught throughout the course are very relevant to interview preparation. Though a more comprehensive job interviewing skills are taught in the follow-on interview course which includes salary negotiations, bonuses, tax strategies, relocation and benefits packages, and more…

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